Build the project

The main GitHub repository for the Panache Legal Platform can be found here.

Panache Legal is built using .NET 5 and the C# language. It includes a main solution file that you can open in the Visual Studio, but editing and buildiing the code could also be done using the cross platform Visual Studio Code editor, or another code editor of your choice.


The only prerequisites are:

  1. Install the latest .NET 5 SDK for your platform.
  2. Install Git

Within the UI Core project Node and Gulp are used to import various open source javascript libraries (via NPM), as well as compile some css files. Although not strictly neccesary, as all compiled files and required libraries are included in GitHub, if you want to make changes in this area you should install Node and Gulp and use the provided package.json file to update node modules.


This should be as simple as opening the solution in Visual Studio and running or building the project, or alternatively navigating to the ‘src’ directory and running:

dotnet build .\PanacheLegalPlatform.sln